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We offer multiple products for different domains. We have built tailored solution for your business because every problem is unique.



Our flagship and state-of-the-art product is built for engineering institutes. Our experience with engineering students has continuously evolved and the same is reflected in the platform as well as content (tests, eLearning, analytics). You should us..

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We take personalized learning to next level – helping students prepare for GATE examination using our platform, faculty, technology and analytics. With a combination of online and classroom teaching, we measure each student, craft an individual lea..

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Now recruit at your own convenience and with ease. Candidates bring their own device or use your lab. Build assessments from industry standard, well-crafted content and assess students on coding, personality, cognitive, core engineering and different..

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Whether you run a school or coaching institute, you can continuously assess students with minimal infrastructure. We have built high quality content for high schools, IIT (JEE), NEET, SSC, Railway, Banking etc. and our platform can serve more type of..

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Continuous innovation is key to our success. We focus on data, pattern and algorithm to solve one problem – how to make a student successful. After all, it comes from our own experience.

World Class Support

Our story begins when we sign the papers with you and we are successful only when students succeed. No data means no analytics and we truly understand. Thats why our Customer Happiness team is deployed in your institute to work along with you and wor..

Industry Standard Content

Our tests and learning materials are continuously evolving. They are researched, built, recycled and recreated periodically with industry trend in mind. Our content creators are industry experts who focus on quality because we understand students doe..

Data & Analytics

We capture right data, analyze and generate insight so that students, teachers and institute administrators get stories and actions that matter to them. We ensure that students becomes self-aware, teachers personalize teaching strategy and institutes..

Outcome Based Assessment and Learning

Practice, measure and intervention is our core philosophy in learning. Students learn, we assess and take corrective action in learning/teaching and cycle continues for continuous improvement. ..

Cloud Based AI Platform

We call it a GPS in education. Our AI based solution truly personalizes student's learning and outcome and navigates the shortest distance to success. Our algorithms detect fraud using data, conduct smart tests, creates a personalized learning plan a..

White Labelled & Mobile Ready

We build and provide customized web and mobile app to complement & enhance your brand. Mobile app removes the dependency on computer labs and enables students to take the tests anytime, anywhere..

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