The Perfectice Vision

The Perfectice vision is to Inspire and Develop the Leaders of Tomorrow by providing a new way for students to compete for examinations
and college admissions that is more effective, engaging and motivating.

The Perfectice Mission

The Perfectice mission is to Transform How Students
Prepare for Competitive Exams by:

  • Connecting students, educators and publishers
    on a single platform for collaboration.
  • Provide a technology platform that can be
    accessed anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Ensuring business value for our users through
    advanced data analytics for them to make
    informed decisions.

The Perfectice Values

This is the fabric of our culture and the framework
for all decisions made within our walls. Heads up,
this tend to be contagious.


To be genuine and vulnerable.


Distill to the meaningful and balanced.


Do what you love.


Take risks and embrace where they take you.


Dwell on the good.

One Team

It’s Not our Work Life….It’s our Life’s Work.

The lifeblood of Perfectice is our people. As a tight-knit team of
educators, parents and technologists, we’re devoted to a culture that
cultivates and work that works.

Our associates are from all over the world. Whoever said that people
get along best with similar people, didn’t get the business value to be
gained from ethnic and geographic diversity. A diverse team can bring
together individuals with different backgrounds, different approaches
and different ways of thinking.

How are we different?

Craft Provocative Experiences

Push beyond the comfort zone

Take Risks

Create work that others envy

Avoid cookie-cutter solutions – One size rarely fits all.

Fun facts about Perfectice Team


Work Location

Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Mumbai, Dhanbad, Bangalore, San Francisco, Jaipur, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Istanbul (Turkey)



Florida State University (USA), Georgia Tech
(USA), IIS, Bangalore, Oxford University, NIT
Kurukshetra, NIT Jamshedpur, BIT Sindiri,
College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Delhi
University, Bangalore University, Indiana
University, University of Pune, University of
Lucknow, Devi Ahilya University.



62% Male, 38% Female


Professional Background

Technologist, Engineer, Sales and Marketing,
Operations, Academician, Angel Investor,
Home Maker, Data Scientist, Algorithm
Scientist, User Experience.


Age Group

Mean 38 Median 40



Coffee, Beer, Ice-cream, Coke, Greek Yogurt