Journey of an ordinary student who did the extraordinary with MyPerfectice

Sujith Perikila, a CSE student of Lovely Professional university bagged 34 pre-placement offers using MyPerfectice’s platform for his campus placement preparation. He started out with the role of an intern as a Technical staff and is now being pursued by other MNCs as well with a salary package of 6Lpa. Let’s hear how he did it in his own words….

This is not the typical story of someone who just got their degree and started looking for a job. I had to take time out from my studies in third year when I was only halfway through, because it became clear that without any kind of internship or experience on my resume, there would be no chance of getting hired as an entry-level programmer.

I studied Java (Object Oriented Programming) while all my friends were studying Rails or Python programming languages; but these are very competitive fields with lots of applicants per position so they weren’t options for me. In order to get back up where I wanted to be academically by graduation day – I chose MyPerfectice, as was recommended by my College Professor. 

These are some of the tips that I wish to give to the upcoming batches for their preparation. I have applied them in my own campus placement strategy and noticed immense success. Read more and you won’t be disappointed. 

First and foremost, make your resume using MyPerfectice’s Smart Resume. Include whatever project you have done which can showcase your technical skills or any hackathon that you won. After this, it is time to sit back because the software automatically includes all company-specific keywords in order for them to match with their candidate screening algorithms – this increased my chances of getting selected by 70%.

Then, I started solving questions and mocks from Novice to Ninja. N2N is aimed at coding aspirants to reach the advanced level of programming. After a lot of practice on the interface, I’ve found that N2N is suited for all levels. Novice to Ninja covers topics from basic coding questions and mocks up to complex data structures like binary trees or algorithms such as SRTT. I could see myself reach from Level 1 to Level 4 in just two semesters. 

I loved their uber-cool gamification of concepts, discussion forums and super-innovative leaderboards in this school’s teaching methodology. Imagine not only watching your own progress but that of your entire class! I could learn from my peer progress as well as insights on which chapters I should be studying first or how much time/attention is needed for different modules by looking at everyone else’s performance too. This is like a perfect way to solve half our study plan problems!

After every module, I would head for the mentor-mentee sessions; it further cleared my understanding about each concept. The mentors also shared their industry knowledge and project experience with us. Mock interviews were a powerful factor in helping me secure my job – as 80% of questions asked at my interview came from mock interviews that we did here! 

After three semesters of practicing with MyPerfectice, I felt like I have a lot more insight into what my future job will be like! 

Gaining employment in the engineering field is not easy, but it was easier for me after I tried myPerfectice. With their courses based on US benchmarks and standards, two hours of lessons a day will lead to finding your 4L+ package job within no time!

 They have been helping students since 2016 and are based on US standards which makes it easier to find jobs in MNCs with their transparent lessons.

By Sujith Perikila, a CSE student of Lovely Professional university