Demystifying Corona Virus(COVID-19)

Demystifying Corona Virus(COVID - 19)

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 and interim guidance for college students


From where this name Corona Virus got originated?

It acquired its name from the sudden acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that is known to be transmitted from animals to humans. However, the truth is its the live animal market of Wuhan where the virus first emerged. The initial symptoms of the virus include headache, fever, possibly even cough, body pain and fatigue and in some cases, shortness of breath. Until now, there is no treatment for the COVID-19 virus, but only treatment for the symptoms. But there is still hope to discover ways in order to stabilise the spread of the virus. According to Chinese health officials, the coronavirus vaccine is still months away — and perhaps years. While new technology, advancements in genomics and improved global coordination have allowed researchers to act quickly, vaccine development remains an expensive and risky process. WHO, on Saturday, said that although the virus has been stabilized to an extent, the outbreak could still go in any direction. The government scientists have estimated that only 5% of the coronavirus patients admitted had critical illnesses. They are of the view that the virus is more likely to affect middle-aged and older adults than children. Men are more likely to die from the infection, as compared to women because they produce weaker immune, have higher tobacco consumption, Type 2 Diabetes, and higher blood pressure than women which may increase the complications associated with the treatment of the virus.

As the coronavirus death toll rises around 3800+ and 110K+ registered coronavirus cases around the world, it’s that time when India braces itself for its impact on public health and economy. With 39 coronavirus cases already registered in India, we can see that there is a rampant spread of various WhatsApp messages and false pieces of information about the pandemic. Hence, there is an urgent need to validate every article we read about the virus, to avoid chaos, especially among the students. Let’s not be carried away by fake news and always remain conscious of the surroundings.

World Wide impact of coronavirus:


An essential fact that you must always keep in mind is that it’s not what it looks like, all the time. No doubt, the widespread virus can put our lives at stake but what the news won’t show you is that out of 110K+ coronavirus victims in the world, 62K+ people have already recoveredwith no signs of relapse until now. However, one cannot deny the underlying dangers of this virus and neglect the need to stay safe. 873f6d3adc494c398fab85d9d4c92bf7-18

So, the obvious question now follows is that what exactly is a coronavirus, and how can it be tackled? How significant can the impact be among the schools and college campuses across the country?

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses with flu-like symptoms that are known to affect your respiratory system. Research says, the illness usually originates from animals like bats, camels, rats etc. Wuhan, being the very epicentre of this coronavirus witnessed 3,311 death counts. There’s a rumour that the coronavirus started in a Chinese lab which leaked due to inadequate safety protocol. However, the truth is its the live animal market of Wuhan from where the virus first emerged. As per the economy, Covid-19 might cost the world economy around $280 billion in the first quarter itself which means that the global GDP will not be seen to be growing between the two quarters, for the first time since 2009.

However when it comes to INDIA’S public health, this is a severe issue as per the resources available in Indian health centres. Nevertheless, the Government is striving hard to take stern measures against the pandemic. Schools and colleges, even offices in parts of India are authorised to be shut down. Various private sectors and corporates have initiated small steps towards employee safety, like keeping hand sanitizers and masks handy.

For WHO(World Health Organization) Guidelines Click here


In this article, we will talk about what are the precautions one can take to protect themselves from being infected with coronavirus, especially if you are a student living a campus life. Well, if you are worried about the stock market, it’s strictly advised to take a deep breath.

But if you are concerned about your health, here’s what you can do:-

  1. Keep your hands clean and maintain a safe distance from people you think, are sick.
  2. If you are staying in a hostel, make sure to clean your room every day with antiseptics
  3. Carry a hand sanitizer to your classes or office or cafes or anywhere where you find a big crowd.
  4. Wearing a mask won’t help unless you are infected.
  5. Hoard up on some home supplies, groceries, and medicines, in case of emergency in your hostel rooms.
  6. Its time you consider self-studies instead of group discussions to avoid the consequences.
  7. Carry your towel and handwash in your campus dining rooms to prevent germs.
  8. Ensure that your campus, as well as hostel premises, are kept clean, free from stray animals.


Although, it’s obvious to have a separate bond with your favourite dogs or cats on campus when health comes in between, it’s crucial that you love them from a distance:-

  • Communicate with friends and family about the dangers of the virus. Spread awareness about the illness, and it’s impact, especially among underprivileged people and children who don’t know much about it
  • Do not believe in false rumours and police people from doing so because nothing is more dangerous than a vulnerable group of people.
  • Last but not least, do not indulge in racism, either against the foreign exchange students of your campus nor online because every sensible youth has to make skilful decisions and solve our problems diligently.

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“Keep Calm, and wash your hands😜