Dream big enough to rival your ambitions: Placed in Accenture

This is the story of an ordinary student who did the extraordinary. Sanchari Saha, an Electronics and Communication engineering student at GNIT, with dreams big enough to rival her ambitions, in one of the world’s leading IT companies, Accenture, within a year of her MyPerfectice program commencement. 

 Let’s hear what she has to say about not only how it shaped her as a person but also helped her get placed into this venture: 

 “The journey of MyPerfectice is an ever-memorable one. It pushed me consistently to bring out the best in me and succeed in life. 

 My passion for coding has always been there. However, not many companies are there that help non-CSE engineering aspirants with their placement strategy. Luckily my college helped me join the MyPerfectice platform, and since then, there was no looking back. 

 When I joined this platform, I first explored their Skill Enhancement section; it is tailor-made for engineering aspirants like us – one can easily begin this without any prerequisites. 

 The Skill Enhancement is divided into three modules:

 Core Engineering: This module is designed and customized for any Core Engineering student looking for a career in technology. It has 500+ questions based on multiple topics; there are five levels to complete where students can experience modern pedagogy. 

 Cognitive: This product provides high-end content in quant-verbal-logical reasoning, based on long-term research on industry interview questions. 

 Novice to Ninja: N2N is aimed at coding aspirants to reach the advanced level of programming. Looking at the curriculum, it is well understood that a lot of focus has been put on data structures and algorithms, which happens to be every interviewer’s favorite topic.

 Their teaching methodology has a lot of uber-cool experiments like gamification of concepts, discussion forums and super-innovative leaderboards. Imagine watching not only your progress but of your entire class? I could not only learn from my peer progress but also gather incredible insights from their performance, for eg: which chapters should I be studying first, how much time/attention is required to spend on different modules, etc. It actually solves half of your study plan problem. 

 Apart from these, I also availed their 1-1 mentorship sessions, resume building and validating, and mock interviews. After every module, I would go for the mentor-mentee sessions; it further cleared my understanding about each concept. The mentors also shared their industry knowledge and project experience with us. Mock interviews were a major factor in helping me secure my job, as 80% of questions asked at my interview came from mock interviews that we did here!

 Now, let me give you a deeper insight into my campus placement preparation. If you like it, you can apply it too:

  1. Coding, aptitude, and verbal reasoning were my main focus since I really needed to buckle up. So, I began with the Cognite Game Package first. Level 1 was pretty simple, and I could complete it within a month. 

  2. Level 2 was tough for me as it had some high-level verbal ability questions that can get tacky for an engineer. However, I used their e-learning materials to improve my verbal ability. 

  3. The MyPerfectice dashboard displayed my overall progress, i.e. My strengths and weaknesses. After completing the mock tests, I made sure to track my progress, read the analysis carefully, and note the areas I had to improve. 

  4. The following day, I would learn and practice those areas of improvement and move on to the next mocks. 

  5. On weekends, I had 1:1 sessions with the mentors who helped with my study plans.

  6. An advantageous aspect was the discussion forum, where I would get responses for my problem areas in just 3-5 minutes. This saved a lot of my time. 

  7. As you know, during campus placements, the technical round happens to be a tricky one, questions on tool assembly, CNC machines and 3D modelling were the interviewers’ favourite, and when it came to terminologies, I was really lagging behind. But my mentor was really helpful, and he helped me connect with my Subject Matter Expert, using whose help, 90% of my doubts got cleared within a few months before the campus placement. 

  8. Not only this, I also got my resume built by them, free of cost. They helped me with the keywords required to get selected and further got my resume validated by industry experts.

  9. I also made a few connections with industry experts through LinkedIn. They were generous enough to support me in my journey throughout.

MyPerfectice helped me land my dream job even before the completion of my engineering course. I got to choose from multiple pre-placement offers. 

I have tried myPerfectice and I am impressed with their pedagogy. All of the courses are based on US standards, which are transparent and insightful. If you spend at least two hours a day doing lessons, then it will take no time for you to find a 4L+ package job in the engineering field!

By Sanchari Saha, an ECE student from GNIT