Elementor #8259

Abhishek Anand, a Civil Engineering student at KIIT, with dreams big enough to rival his ambitions, got placed in one of the world’s top MNCs – HCC as a Graduate Engineering Trainee, within a year of his MyPerfectice program commencement.

 Let’s listen more about his placement strategy and journey of success. Read more to gain some super-interesting insights into how you can leverage your resources and win the battle of campus placements.

 The first round of the placement process for most companies is an online coding test. There are usually 2-3 programming questions to be done in a time span of 60–90 minutes. Speed and accuracy both matter a lot here, but one can’t clear this round without having a strong competitive coding background, especially when you are from a non-coding background like me! 

This is where MyPerfectice came into the scene and changed my life. Their skill enhancement modules are so in-depth and amazing that I never had to look for any