Hike to Hindustan Construction Company

Abhishek Anand, a Civil Engineering student at KIIT, with dreams big enough to rival his ambitions, got placed in one of the world’s top MNCs – HCC as a Graduate Engineering Trainee, within a year of his MyPerfectice program commencement.

 Let’s listen more about his placement strategy and journey of success. Read more to gain some super-interesting insights into how you can leverage your resources and win the battle of campus placements.

The first round of the placement process for most companies is an online coding test. There are usually 2-3 programming questions to be done in a time span of 60–90 minutes. Speed and accuracy both matter a lot here, but one can’t clear this round without having a strong competitive coding background, especially when you are from a non-coding background like me! 

This is where MyPerfectice came into the scene and changed my life. Their skill enhancement modules are so in-depth and amazing that I never had to look for any other resources online. It has got a lot of previously asked questions in interviews tagged by the name of the company. I acquired an in-depth understanding of OS, DBMS, OOPS, Computer Networks with the help of their Skill Enhancement Modules. 

Let me give you a quick illustration of how I leveraged MyPerfectice and bagged 5 pre-placement offers in no time: 

The Skill Enhancement is divided into three modules:

Core Engineering: This module is designed and customized for any Core Engineering student looking for a career in technology. It has 500+ questions based on multiple topics; there are five levels to complete where students can experience modern pedagogy. 

Cognitive: This product provides high-end content in quant-verbal-logical reasoning, based on long-term research on industry interview questions. 

Novice to Ninja: N2N is aimed at coding aspirants to reach the advanced level of programming. 

Imagine how much easier it would be to study for a test when you have insights into what is going right and wrong in your entire class’s performance! With their innovative leaderboards, I could gather incredible insight from my peers’ exam scores on which sessions we should cover first or what exercises are most effective. It actually solves half of our studying dilemmas by gamifying concepts with discussion forums that provide both peer and expert feedback!

By practicing questions everyday and solving mocks every week, I reached Level 3 of the Coding Package in no time. The MyPerfectice dashboard displayed my overall progress, i.e. My strengths and weaknesses. After completing the mock tests, I made sure to track my progress, read the analysis carefully, and note the areas I had to improve. 

I have a very keen interest in quant and loved solving the quant and logical reasoning questions from the Cognite Game Package. I aced myself up and topped in Level 3. I was on cloud nine to see my name at the top of the leaderboard. For the first time, it was my learning strategy and its metrics that other students would be interested to know about. 

On weekends, I had 1:1 sessions with the mentors who helped with my study plans. An advantageous aspect was the discussion forum, where I would get responses for my problem areas in just 3-5 minutes. This saved a lot of my time. 

I also got my resume built using the Smart Resume feature which automatically suggests company-specific keywords and customizes your CV accordingly. 

MyPerfectice has given me the confidence and skills to land my dream job before even completing engineering school. I got to choose from multiple pre-placement offers, which was not possible without MyPerfectice’s help. They teach courses based on US standards that are easy to understand because they’re transparent and insightful!

By AbhishekAnand, KIIT-DU