MyPerfectice Campus Stories: Journey to HCL

Our first campus story covers the journey of Amandeep Sachan to HCL. He is in the final year of engineering at IIIT Gwalior and takes interest in Data Structures & Algorithms, Web Development and Data Science. Let’s go through his journey from preparing to acing his campus placement.
I started preparing from June 2017 for campus placements. Since I am from Information Technology branch, so we didn’t have to give any written exam during the recruitment process. Usually companies ask technical MCQs and Coding questions hosted on some platform. They can also ask you to write code in your own compiler.
HCL followed the following procedure during their recruitment drive in our campus:
  • Coding round: They will give you two questions in paper and you have to write code in your compiler for both the questions. Then invigilator verify your code by providing test cases.
  • Technical Interviews: Questions mostly on DSA, OOPs and DBMS.
  • HR Round: If you have cleared both the technical interviews, then this is just a formality round because they are not going to reject a candidate in this round usually.
Difficulty level of coding questions were easy and medium. I got the questions from topics like Graph and Sorting. Difficulty level of questions in interview round depends on panel who is taking your interview. Questions may vary easy to hard difficulty level. But they don’t expect you to answer all the questions. They want to know how you approach to solve the question. Duration can be from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.
I revised lots of things. For an CS/IT student, subjects like Data Structures & Algorithms, OOPS, OS, DBMS and CN are very important in placements. So, I revised important things that I marked during my preparation. I have thorough understanding of programming languages like C++, Python and Javascript.
One of the most asked question in Technical interview is – “Do you have any project/internship?”. Here comes the importance of internship, because it shows how much prepared you are for professional environment. I have been interning with MyPerfectice from last 15 months. It helped me a lot to gain professional experience and chance to learn strategy of writing production level code. Before joining MyPerfectice, I didn’t had any experience in live projects. While working for MyPerfectice, I explored various web technologies like NodeJs, AngularJS & MongoDB and further explored about Data Science as well. My internship taught me about how to coordinate with a team and most importantly – time management. I was always encouraged and supported by the team to learn more and dream big which really motivates me. I got to know about application development life cycle from planning phase to deployment phase which was not possible without MyPerfectice and it helped me a lot during my interview.
Extracurricular activities play an important role in the interview process. I was a part of various extra curricular activities and being a part of extracurricular activities help you to become confident and develop leadership skills. Obviously, it boosts you during interview. I have been the President of Rotaract Club-IIITM, organinzed national level events like Inter-IIIT Techathlon and Institute Industry Interaction.
Now coming to company specific strategic preparations, I did not follow any special strategy during this period. The target was to learn and understand concepts of DSA as much as possible. Online coding platforms helped me there. Other necessary arrangements were made by the placement cell. They also organized mock tests for the practice before the campus recruitment.
I was always prepared for the worst before the campus hiring of any company. It helped to make me feel comfortable during the whole recruitment process. For the upcoming batches aiming for HCL I will recommend to start from the fundamentals of DSA and dive deep into its concepts. Use coding platforms and discussion forums to prepare for CS/IT companies. Don’t spend more than sufficient in any particular question while preparting for campus placement. Try to learn from the mistakes done by others. Every topic is important for good companies, you can’t guess from where interviewer can ask questions. But start from the topics which are mostly asked in the tests and then explore further. Don’t neglect the subjects like OOPS, OS, DBMS and CN during your preparation. Revise the basics of these subjects thoroughly and questions asked in previous years and this would help you to ace your placement.
By Amandeep Sachan, IIIT Gwalior