Placement Preparedness Guide: Amazon

In this placement season, eCommerce giant Amazon is going to visit your campus. Know about their company profile, their test pattern and interview styles. The MyPerfectice team resourced all the data from students who appeared the process and this will definitely help you to get placed in your dream company. is an e-commerce and cloud computing company. Amazon is present worldwide with its headquarter at Seattle, Washington.
  • Founder: Jeff Bezos
  • Founded: 1994
  • Revenue: 136 billion USD
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Amazon mainly provides online retail shopping services. The services are provided to four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators. Along with this Amazon is into online advertising and co-branded credit card agreements
The company is operational through three section: North America, International, and Amazon Web Services.
  • The North America segment includes retail sales of consumer products and subscriptions through North America-focused websites such as and
  • The International segment includes retail sales of consumer products and subscriptions through internationally-focused websites.
  • The Amazon Web Services segment includes global sales of compute, storage, database, and other AWS service offerings for start-ups, enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions.


Amazon divides selection Process in three stages. These stages are:
  • Written test
  • Technical interview
  • HR interview

WRITTEN TEST (90 minutes) sections:

Aptitude & Reasoning (20 Q): This section consists of questions from basic permutation combination, probability. Some verbal questions are also included like questions from sentence rearrangement, sentence correction and reading comprehension.

Sample questions:

Q1. A function f(x) is defined as f(x) = f(x - 2) - x(x + 2) for all the integer values of x and f(1) + f(4) = 0. What is the value of f(1) + f(2) + f(3) + f(4) + f(5) + f(6)?

  1. A) 0
  2. B) 89
  3. C) 89
  4. D) None of these

Q2. In ABC, the internal bisectors of ABC and ACB met at 1 and BAC = 50.The measure of BIC is

  1. A) 105
  2. B) 115
  3. C) 125
  4. D) 130

Q3. BL and CM are medians of ABC right angled at A and BC =5 cm. If BL =3- 5/2 cm, then the length of CM is

  1. A) 2 5
  2. B) 5 2
  3. C) 10 2
  4. D) 4 5

Q4. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 150% and the denominator of the fraction is increased by 300%, the resultant fraction is [5/18]. What is original fraction?

  1. A) 4/9
  2. B) 4/5
  3. C) 8/9
  4. D) 8/11
  5. E) None of these

Q5. Four examiners can examine a certain number of answer papers in 10 days by working for 5 hours a day. For how many hours a day would 2 examiners have to work in order to examine twice the number of answer papers in 20 days?

  1. A) 8
  2. B) 7.5
  3. C) 10
  4. D) 8.5
  5. E) None of The above
Programming (2 Q): You will be given to write the codes, run and execute the programmes for two problem statements. They mostly use Hacker Rank as their platform for the programming section.

Sample questions:

  1. Given a string. Find all the palindromic partitions of the string. (Number of way the string can be partitioned so that all the partitions are palindrome)
  2. You are given with a large paragraph and N words. You have to find a min length subparagraph of the paragraph which contain all those N words in any order.


Quick tips:
  • Good technical knowledge
  • In depth study on your project/internship

Technical round:

In this round you will be asked questions about various programming languages, the ones mentioned in the CV, new technology based question, asked output based questions, and program execution.

Sample questions:

  • Convert a BST into a DLL and DLL to BST in place.
  • Vertical traversal of a Binary Tree.
  • Lowest Common ancestor in a Binary Search Tree and Binary Tree.
  • Implement a stack with push (), pop() and min() in O(1) time.
  • Find all the hero and super hero in an array. Hero – Elements which are greater than all the elements on its right side. Super Hero – Elements which are greater than all the elements on its left and right side (Largest Element of the array which should only occur once). Expected Complexity – O(1) space and O(n) time in single traversal.
  • Write a program for Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree.
  • Write programs for Fractional Knapsack and 0/1 knapsack code of recursive solution and its optimization (concept of dynamic programming). Find the second largest element in an array.
  • Given a sorted array which can have repeated elements, find the occurrence of an element. (Most optimal solution is O(log n) – Using binary search to find start and end occurrence)
  • Make a data structure and implement an algorithm to print all the files in a directory. (The root directory can have sub-directories too.)

HR round:

  • Why do you want to be a part of Amazon?
  • What makes you better than other candidates here?
  • What are your short term & long term career goals?
  • Use only 3 words to describe yourself.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Tell us your weaknesses that hinder your work? How will you overcome them if we hire you?
  • Are you comfortable with changing cities for the job?
Some general tips that can help you crack your placement test at Amazon and in most of the other placement tests:
  • Be thorough with your resume and xpect questions based on what you have mentioned.
  • Be thorough with your project.
  • Be prepared to solve technical question, code and execute.
  • Have knowledge about the company’s services.
  • Be confident.
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