Placement Preparedness Guide: Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai motors is a South Korea based company and is considered a one of the best core firms for engineering freshers. The company recruits mostly from mechanical, automobile and electrical branch of top engineering colleges. Before the recruitment process it’s important to get a glimpse of the company profile, test pattern and interview process. The MyPerfectice team resourced all the data from students who appeared the process and this will definitely help you to get placed in your dream company.
Hyundai Motor Company operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility and world’s third largest vehicle manufacturer. With an annual production capacity of 1.6 million units, the company employs about 75,000 people worldwide. Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries through some 5,000 dealerships and showrooms. Hyundai Motor India Limited was established in 1996 with a production plant in Irungattukottai in Chennai which boasts advanced production, quality and testing capabilities. HMIL opened it’s multi-million dollar R&D facility in Hyderabad.
  • Founded: 1967
  • Founder: Chung Ju-yung
  • Revenue: 76 Billion USD
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • HMIL CEO: Y K Koo
Hyundai Motors India Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of HMC. Currently, it is the largest passenger car exporter and second largest car manufacturer in India. The various car models include Eon, Grand i10, Elite i20, Active i20, Xcent, Verna, Creta, Elantra and Tucson. HMIL forms a critical part of HMC’s global export hub. It currently exports to around 87 countries across Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia and the Asia Pacific. HMIL has been India’s number one exporter for the last 10 years consecutively.
The company operates in three business divisions: vehicle division, financial services and other business services(railway services etc.). The vehicle division is responsible for manufacturing automobiles under the brand names of Genesis, Tucson, Equus, Veloster, Azera, Sonata, Elantra, Accent and others, and commercial vehicles like trucks, buses and special vehicles. Along with this it provides automobile maintenance services and related components. The financial services includes automobile financing services and credit card services.


Hyundai Motor India divides the selection process in four to five stages. These stages are:
  • Written test
  • Work competency assessment
  • Group discussion(Optional)
  • Technical interview
  • HR Interview

Written Round

The test consists of four sections:
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Verbal ability
  • Technical ability
  • Psychometric assessment
There are sectional cut-offs but no negative marking.

Section wise analysis:

Quantitative aptitude:

  • This section checks your problem solving ability and analytical skills.
  • The questions majorly come 1. Boats and streams 2.percentages 3. Number system 4. Permutations 5. Probability 6. Speed, time and distance and other topics too.
  • The best way to ace the paper is to solve with full concentration and manage time as the questions can be a bit time consuming.
  • Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Verbal ability:

  • This final section will check your grammar and comprehension skills.
  • Topics for this section include vocabulary, grammar, synonyms and antonyms, and critical reasoning.
  • Questions are not tough, but they are confusing as all the options may seem similar to you. Focus on your spoken English skills because they are the key to crack this section.

Technical ability:

  • The topics here in technical round will require a lot of technical stuff to answer.
  • Questions will be based on thermodynamics, kinematics of machinery, design parts, heat transfer, engineering mechanics. Specific domain study is required.
  • All these questions will be asked in a basic level.
  • Try to refer important formulas to answer all these questions.

Sample questions:

Q1. On a certain assembly line, the rejection rate for Hyundai i10s production was 4 percent, for Hyundai i20s production 8 percent and for the 2 cars combined 7 percent. What was the ratio of Hyundai i10 production?

a) 3/1
b) 2/1
c) 1/1
d) 1/2

Q2. Ram and Hari run a race of 2000 meters. First, Ram gives Hari a start of 200 meters and beats him by one minute. Next, Ram gives Hari a start of 6 minutes and is beaten by 1000 meters. Find the time in minutes in which Ram and Hari can run the races separately.

a) 8, 10
b) 10, 18
c) 12, 18
d) 10, 12

Q3. In V belt drive contact is made on

1) bottom
2) sides
3) bottom and sides

Q4. Reverse gear has less speed because

1. More speed is not necessary in reverse gear
2. Steering is difficult in the reverse direction
3. less space availability
4. Design simplification

Q5. Kelvin plank law deals with

1) Conservation of work into heat
2) Conservation of heat into work

Technical Interview questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is welding? What are the different types of welding?
  3. What are the difference between electric arc welding and spot welding?
  4. What factors affect welding?
  5. What is Casting? What is Forging? What are the different types of forging?
  6. What is octane number? What is the significance of octane number in daily use?
  7. If high octane petrol is used in cars what will happen?
  8. What are the different types of suspensions?
  9. What is a brake and what are the functions of brakes?
  10. Which kind of brake is better?
  11. What is ABS? What is the principle of ABS?
  12. What are the advantages of using ABS?
  13. Are the brakes equally distributed in the four wheels?

HR Interview:

  1. What extra curricular activities have you done in your college?
  2. How do you deal with stress?
  3. Are you comfortable with working in Chennai?
  4. Are you willing to stay in the company for the next 3 years?
Some general tips that can help you to crack Hyundai Motor Company recruitment drive are shared below:
  • Be thorough with your resume and expect questions based on what you have mentioned.
  • Be thorough with your project.
  • Be prepared with domain based technical question.
  • Have knowledge about the company’s services.
  • Be confident.
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