Placement Preparedness Guide: L&T Technologies

Placement Preparedness Guide: L&T Technologies
Larsen & Toubro Limited or L&T, an Indian multi-national conglomerate was founded by two Danish engineers. The company deals with engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and financial services. With headquarters in Mumbai, the company has its offices worldwide.
  • Founded in: 1938
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Founder of L&T: Henning Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro
  • CEO: S. N. Subrahmanyan
  • Revenue: 17 billion USD (2017)
Larsen and Toubro Ltd., has metamorphosed into one of India’s biggest success stories. The company has grown from modest origins to a large conglomerate spanning engineering and construction. During the inception, they represented Danish manufacturers of dairy equipment for a retainer. But during Second World War, imports got restricted, and it all start with a small work–shop to undertake jobs and provide service facilities.
With more than 80 years of customer–focused approach and the continuous expedition for world–class quality enabled the company to attain and sustain leadership in all its major lines of business. A thrust on international business has seen overseas earnings grow significantly. It continues to grow its overseas manufacturing footprint, with facilities in China and the Gulf region.
The businesses are supported by widely spread marketing and distribution network, and is reputed for strong customer support. The company believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment. Their corporate vision includes a commitment to community welfare and environmental protection.
L&T Technology Services: The technology service wing is a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro. It is an engineering services company that operates in the global Engineering, Research and Development space. L&T Technology Services offers design, development and testing services for the industrial products, medical devices, transportation, aerospace, telecom and process industries. The company serves customers across the product engineering life cycle from product conceptualization to implementation. Their services include consulting, design, development, testing, maintenance and to-market integration services.
The operating divisions include:
  • L&T Realty
  • L&T Technology Services
  • L&T Solar
  • Electrical and Automation
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Machinery and industrial products
  • EWAC Alloys Limited


L&T divides selection process in two stages,
  • Online test
  • Personal Interview(Technical + HR)

Online Test sections (90 Questions, 90 minutes):

  • Quantitative aptitude (20 Question): This section checks your problem solving ability and analytical skills. Questions from probability, profit & loss, time & work, time & distance, problems on ages, geometry.
  • Logical Reasoning (20 Question): This section checks your reasoning skills. The questions are based on Puzzles, Mirror Image, Age and Blood Relations, Seating Arrangement, Data Sufficiency, Syllogism and some from data interpretation. It is suggested that you read the questions very carefully and try not to miss any detail and solve with concentration.
  • Verbal Skills (20 Questions): This section will check your grammar and comprehension skills. Topics for this section include vocabulary, grammar, synonyms and antonyms comprehension passage, and critical reasoning.
  • Technical Questions (30 Questions): The topics here in technical round will require domain based knowledge. The level of difficulty is easy to medium.

Sample questions:

1. Cost of an item is x. It's value increases by p% and decreases by p%. Now the new value is 1 rupee, what is the actual value? Hint: (1000)/ (1000-p*p).

2. A pole seen from a certain distance at an angle of 15 degrees and 100 meters ahead by 30 degrees. What is the height of pole?

3. Distance between two poles is 50 meters. A train goes by 48 at a speed of kmph. In one minute how many poles will be crossed by the train?

4. Find the number which when added to itself 13 times, gives 112.

  1. 7
  2. 9
  3. 11


Quick tips:
  • Knowhow on L&T products is a must
  • In depth study on your project/internship
  • Basic coding on C/C++/Java

Technical questions:

SET 1:
  1. Tell me something about the projects you have done.
  2. What is an OPAMP?
  3. What is a MOSFET?
  4. What is Thevenin and Norton’s theorem?
  5. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.
SET 2:
  1. What are the different type of fits and explain in detail?
  2. What are the different theories of failure under static load?
  3. What is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of gas through one degree at constant volume called?
  4. What is the specific heat of water?
  5. Define the rules which are helpful when designing castings?
SET 3:
  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Can you tell me about your blogging and hidden features about google and windows?
  3. What does your project mean? Will it serve the society?
  4. Tell us what dynamic memory allocation is. And how it is implemented?
  5. How good are you in DS?
  6. Write the Pseudo code of implementing the linked list.
  7. How will be the update query will be fired? Will it add a new row every time?
  8. Tell the better time complexity O (n2) or O (n lg n) and why?
  9. Explain the time complexity of quick sort and merge sort.

HR Questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why do you want to work for L&T?
  3. Tell me something about your hobby?
  4. Why should I hire you? Do you have any plans for higher studies?
  5. Are you flexible with re-location?
Some general tips that can help you crack your placement test at L&T and in most of the other placement tests:
  1. Be thorough with your resume. Expect questions based on what you have mentioned.
  2. Be thorough with your project.
  3. Be confident in your domain knowledge.
  4. Have knowledge about the company.
  5. Be confident.
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