Smart Resume|Make your most powerful resume in minutes

Smart Resume | Make your most Powerful resume in minutes

Build a perfect resume in 2020 ,hassle free, Professional Resume builder. Get hired by professionals. Download, and print. Join 20 million happy job seekers!

Engage judiciously in our industry skill enhancement process to shine in front of Corporate’s like no other.


Our easy-to-use, one-click resume building giant will help you guide throughout the resume making process in every step and help you choose the right content in every section with zero hassle. Gone are the days when one would need a word document and several intricate patterns and designs, and sometimes a graphic designer to set one’s resume right. Now that myperfectice brings you an instant resume builder, you do not have to worry about ‘what comes next. With myperfectice’s corporate resume builder, you can increase your chances of getting hired by 27%. We help you shine in the corporate world like no other. At myperfectice’s smart resume builder, we even provide the perfect resume writing tool for students who wish to apply for internships and other programmes but do not have much time or idea about a corporate resume. The process is very simple. You just have to choose one of our professionally designed corporate resume templates and the resume practically creates itself with your inputs.

A recent study by GINGER provides valuable insight. What does a winning resume look like? Spend some time viewing professional resumes, and use them as a roadmap to writing a great resume of your own.

How to Use Smart Resume for creating a high class corporate-based resume:-

  • Step 1:-Log in to your profile at
  • Step 2:- Upload all your personal details, educational qualifications, training programmes and achievements.
  • Step 3:- Once you are done filling up all the relevant details, you can submit your resume for verification.
  • Step 4:- After your resume verifies your resume, it’s ready to be downloaded.
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    Benefits of building resume with us:-

    1. Corporate standards:-

      The key importance of our myperfectice smart resume builder is that you can achieve the corporate resume standards without any research or external professional help. Myperfectice does it all for you. Just tell us a bit about yourself and we make your process super easy.

    2. Verified by myperfectice mentor:-

      One of the best advantages you can avail here is that your very own myperfectice mentor analyses your cv. In this way, you get relevant feedback and the task gets simplified at a short span of time.

    3. Customizable resume:-

      Our smart resume builder allows you to build a personalised resume based on your present qualifications and requirements. Whether you are applying for internships or corporate jobs, you don’t need to be worried about any technical knowledge about resume building. Our resume building tool focuses on your specific skills and keywords that are best suited for the job you want.

    4. Easy to use and time-saving:-

      Myperfectice’s smart resume builder is one of the most adaptable and easiest CV makers for students. Its one-click process enables you to download your resume in one go after verification. Also, your inputs are not limited as you get enough sections to display your achievements.

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