“I still vividly remember the day I got my offer letter from Cognizant. It was just like a dream come true and all of my hard work finally paid off, ” says Sayanjit Roy who graduated with his Masters in Electrical Engineering at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT). Let’s hear his success story in his own words.

To break into product-based companies, you need to have strong coding skills. This is something that will help you immensely in the interview process and also when it comes time for your workday. To really show them what they are getting with a person like yourself on their team, make sure to brush up on DBMS (Database Management System), NETWORKS, and OSs (Operating Systems). These three things all play an important role in how we interact with technology as well as building products based on these technologies so be prepared!

I started my journey with MyPerfectice in the 2nd year itself, however, if you haven’t begun your prep yet, there is nothing to worry about. This platform is so well-equipped with a myriad of gamification modules – from basic to advanced, that with little effort and consistent practice, you can ace your game in no time. 

Now, let me give you a brief illustration of how I went on with my preparation: 

I studied and prepared in an organized manner, which led to my success. In the platform, I analyzed metrics like class performance, individual student progress, strengths, and weaknesses that helped shape how I prepped from mistakes while also learning new things through the discussion forum. With Facebook features on the website such as motivational quotes or discussions among peers; it was easy for me to become more confident after this experience. 

I booked a 1-1 session with my mentor, an Industry Expert for the past ten years. His valuable guidance on different companies and their specific requirements were really useful! He also advised me to prepare for HR rounds; although they’re usually basic ones, I didn’t wanna take any chances so I took help from him. I got my resume built using the Smart Resume feature which automatically suggests company-specific keywords and customizes your CV accordingly. 

I was not very proficient in Quantitative Aptitude. The category-based differentiation of questions helped me focus on the areas I was lacking. The company-specific packages have also given me a clear picture of what companies are actually looking for. With the Cognite Game Package, I got adept in quant, verbal ability, and logical reasoning in no time. By the end of my sixth semester, I reached Level 5. 

I finally gained the confidence to solve mock exams. Until the second month, I was stuck in Level 1 but as soon as a third month seeped in, I jumped from Level 1 all the way up to level 3! Plus MyPerfectice’s gamification of modules is more fun when you are consistent enough with your practice and have completed 100+ questions for each module which doesn’t require any prerequisites. 

Leadership is the key to success. I had a strategic plan in mind, but it was only through trial and error that I found what would work for me best; so never stop trying new things! To get into my target companies, I applied these strategies: firstly by analyzing their strengths on Leaderboard (which gave me an idea of how they were scoring), secondly with learning other languages such as Javascript API and React JS during my free time- which helped prepare myself even more thoroughly for interviews at Capgemini & Cognizant. So use your own creativity when coming up with a strategy because you can’t win if you don’t try.

If you want to ace your interview, MyPerfectice is the best way to go. I feel there are no alternatives out there that can compare with its features and accessibility for students in their final year of college. With consistency, perseverance, and hard work nothing is impossible–especially when digital learning platforms like this one exist! It was a great experience and yes, MyPerfectice played a key role in making me Industry ready.