TATA Power Interview Experience – PI Series: 1

TATA Power Interview Experience - PI Series 1

As interview is the final and key step for any recruitment or selection process, Team MyPerfectice has started the **PI Series** Blogs,

that’ll help you in understanding the different types of Interviews, and ways to tackle them.
**Note:** Every act in the PI series is a real life experience shared by the Candidates, and published in the Blogs after their Permission

The first Act in the series is for **TATA Power.**
There were 3 panel members:
**I:** HR
**I2:** Construction Head
**I3:** Deputy to construction head
**Interview time:** 25-30 minutes

**I: What is the meaning of your name?**
**Me:** Sir, Mayukh means light. Actually, there is a whole story of names in my family.

**I: Do tell.**
**Me:** My mother’s name is Jyotsna, which means ‘light of moon’ so she named her sons Mayank, meaning ‘moon’ and Mayukh meaning ‘light’. So, our name combined meant hers.

**I: Who is the Placement Head in your college?**
**Me:** Dr. XXXX Kumar

**I: What was the placement % last year?**
**Me:** Overall it was more than 90%.

**I: No, what was the placement % of your branch last year?**
**Me:** Almost 65-70% Mechanical students were placed last year, but the remaining had gone for academic placements through GATE or Govt. exams.

**I: What did you seniors did who didn’t get placed?**
**Me:** Most of them went for higher studies through GATE. Remaining few chose to prepare for GATE once again so as to secure a good rank for various PSUs.

**I2: What is the difference between Supercritical & Subcritical plant efficiency?**
**Me:** About 12-15% but Supercritical plants are more complex to be installed and maintained.

**I: Have you been placed earlier this year?**
**Me:** I was selected for L&T Technology Services in September.

**I: Don’t you think you should have given this interview opportunity to some other unplaced batch mate?**
**Me:** Generally, the placed students are not allowed to sit for all the companies. TATA Power being a special case, since it written round was conducted before L&T recruitment, so I was allowed to sit.

**I: Why TATA Power and not L&T Tech?**
**Me:** About 4 of my relatives work in NTPC and I have spent most of my vacations in and around Power Plants. There was always a curiosity as to what happens behind that plant walls. Most people take Mechanical because of their interest in Automobiles but my primary reason was Power Plants only.

**I: Suppose you have planned a holiday with your family and an MD visit happens on that day only, what will you do?**
**Me:** I’ll try to judge the situation. As the MD himself will be coming, I think I will postpone my family program for a few days. However, if some Regional Manager would have been coming I would have asked myself that whether my presence is immediately required or not, then would have requested my boss to grant me leave.

**I: What if boss had said no?**
**Me:** The person senior to me would always be much more experienced, so I would go with his decision but only after explaining all my concerns clearly to him. It is important that you make the person before you see things from your perspective.

**I: Ok, but Mayukh you are willing to leave a white collar job for us (L&T) and we will turn your white shirt black in our Ash Plant. Won’t you regret it 4-5 years down the line?**
**Me:** My uncle was posted in Ash Plant for about 3 years and then worked near boilers too. So, I understand the situation a little bit. But, I am confident that I will be more satisfied near those extreme conditions than some white collar job because there is a strong passion for it.

**I: What will you do tomorrow morning if you are rejected from this interview?
Me:** Sir might relate to this (there was a gentleman from Bengal in the panel) but I am ardent fan of Swami Vivekananda. There was a beautiful quote that he said “Arise, Awake & stop not till the goal is reached”. So, would do that only. Will try to prepare for next thing from tomorrow onwards.

**I2: Do you have any plans for higher studies?
Me:** No sir (He was looking through my mark sheets), it may seem from my grades that I may be more theoretically inclined but I have always found the practical applications and their operations more interesting. Hence, I am looking forward to start working right away.

**I3: Mayukh, you are good in studies, look smart and well spoken too. But you must have felt some short-comings which you must work upon.
Me:** Till 2nd year in my engineering, I was kind of an introvert guy. My fluency was not that good too. After that, I felt I need to give importance to my soft & social skills as well. So, I started joining different societies and did an internship with an Education startup called MyPerfectice. Gradually, due to them my personality developed and since you too have said so, I feel my work reaped off.

**I: Good Mayukh, I am very much impressed by you but we are looking for individuals all across India from Mumbai, Chennai, etc. So, will tell your result to your college after considering them too.
Me:**Sure Sir thanks.

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