Opportunities other than Job Placement

Job placement is market driven and is heavily dependent on supply and demand. We focus on competitive examination preparation including higher education (GATE, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc.) so that interested students can be nurtured while they are in campus. We have built a dedicated product SmartGATE specifically for GATE examination.

Detection of Skill Gap & Remediation

Our approach is similar to what medicine industry has been doing for ages (identify problem, prescribe medicine and regularly measure effectiveness of medicine). By using artificial intelligence/algorithms, we find knowledge gaps, identify shorted distance to goal (call it GPS in education), recommend steps to close the gap and finally navigate to reach the goal.

Take Right Decision

MyPerfectice uses data, analytics and insight to help institute administrators make key decisions and take corrective actions ahead of the game, be it campus recruitment or accreditation. You reduce the lead time – by early detection of issues, remediation steps and continuous measurement for effectiveness. Our world class reports give you clear and crisp pictures.

All Under One Umbrella

“Continuous” doesn’t apply only assessment but also on content. In order to prepare students, our industry experts prepare well-researched content (tests, company specific tests, study notes, videos). Our platform is equipped with different type of learning and measurements such as programming, personality, aptitude, core engineering etc. to groom students.