A graduate says, “This platform helped me increase knowledge in all modules where students have a limited time to attempt all the questions.”

Rajkumar Mali is a CSE graduate from Lovely Professional University, and recently he got placed at a reputed company called LetsTransport. Let’s hear his first-hand success story and how he built up his confidence and skills. 

The journey started when I enrolled in the MyPerfectice program. It was a rigorously challenging yet rewarding experience. This platform helped me increase knowledge in all modules where students have a limited time to attempt all the questions. The best part is that the solution they provide after every test so we can learn the new concepts and process of answering competitive questions.

So, I began with the Cognite Game Package first. Level 1 was pretty simple, and I could complete it within a month. Level 2 was tough for me as it had some high-level verbal ability questions that can get tacky for an engineer. However, I used their e-learning materials to improve my verbal ability. The MyPerfectice dashboard displayed my overall progress, i.e., My strengths and weaknesses. After completing the mock tests, I tracked my progress, read the analysis carefully, and noted the areas I had to improve. The following day, I would learn and practice those areas of improvement and move on to the next mocks. I had 1:1 sessions with the mentors who helped with my study plans on weekends. An advantageous aspect was the discussion forum, where I would get responses for my problem areas in just 3-5 minutes. This saved a lot of my time. As you know, during campus placements, the technical round happens to be tricky, with questions on tool assembly, and when it came to terminologies, I was really lagging behind. But my mentor was really helpful, and helped me connect with my Subject Matter Expert. Using their help, 95% of my doubts got cleared within a few months before the campus placement. Not only this, but I also got my resume built by them, free of cost. They helped me with the keywords required to get selected and validated my resume by industry experts.

Being an ordinary CSE student, this platform played a major role in my success. Every company asks for English and Aptitude tests in the first round. After so much hard work and practice for months, I got some ideas like managing time during tests and how to face new questions every time. Even your coding editor simulates how real-world programming rounds happen in most companies, so we can give a mock interview before our actual interview.

If you spend at least two hours a day doing lessons, then it will take no time for you to find a 7L+ package job in the engineering field. In short, after a lot of practice and rejection, finally, you will land your dream job.

By Rajkumar Mali, CSE graduate from LPU.