An inspiring journey of a Non-CSE student who aced every placement round of IT company

This is Nilotpal Patel, a student at KIIT, Bhubaneswar, pursuing Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. He got placed in Cognizant after braving formidable odds and has a lot to tell about his journey of success. Let’s listen to Nilotpal’s story with some inspiring observations.

I had always been interested in Telecommunication, but it wasn’t until my third year of college that I started thinking about what came next. As an engineering student, you have to start considering your options because only very few companies employ fresh graduates with limited skills. At this point, we were having online exams and online classes with hardly any exposure to real-world scenarios, and not to mention, there was a huge setback in the job market. As a result, I did no internships and got no exposure to the industry.

I used to solve all the questions of the MyPerfectice platform on weekdays and attempted the mock tests on the weekends. I also tracked my progress according to the leaderboard’s data. There are other features in Perfectice, like discussion forums. Where I discussed my doubts efficiently with my other friends. It also has a feature called smart resume builder. This helped me build a good resume, and eventually, it helped me during my placements. Being a non-CSE student, it was challenging for me to do well in the coding round. But then I also took the help of this wonderful platform and learned to code. 

I studied and prepared in an organized manner, which led to my success. I analyzed metrics like class performance, individual student progress, strengths, and weaknesses in the platform that helped shape how I prepped for mistakes while learning new things through the discussion forum. With Facebook features on the website, such as motivational quotes or discussions among peers, it was easy for me to become more confident after this experience. I was not very proficient in Quantitative Aptitude. The category-based differentiation of questions helped me focus on the areas I lacked. The company-specific packages have also given me a clear picture of what companies are actually looking for. With the Cognite Game Package, I got adept in quant, verbal ability, and logical reasoning in no time. If you want to ace your interview, MyPerfectice is the best path one can choose. I feel there are no other alternatives that can compare with its features and accessibility for students in their final year of college. With consistency, perseverance, and hard work, nothing is impossible, especially when digital learning platforms like this one exist! It was a great experience, and yes, MyPerfectice played a crucial role in making me industry-ready.

MyPerfectice has a user-friendly interface, and it helped me get the job even before completing my degree. So I recommend everyone to practice here. My one request to those whoever will join the platform would be that you please try to attempt quizzes on MyPerfectice. It is a great platform to get the placement. If you are in your final year and want to ace your interview, MyPerfectice is the best platform.

By Nilotpal Patel, an Electronics and Telecommunication student at KIIT, Bhubaneswar.