“Never give up, have a learning attitude,” says a graduate who aced every test to be at his dream IT company.

An outstanding student named Sainphyrnai Marbaniang graduated in Computer Science Engineering from the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology. He recently got placed at Capgemini.

Let’s hear how he succeeded in his own words. This is not the typical story of someone who just got their degree and started looking for a job. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. During my first year, I struggled a lot, especially when I was not from a Computer Science background during my Higher secondary. I was new to this field. I went downhills many times, but I never gave up. I kept moving forward with some smart, hard work. I kept building interest in my subjects, and I succeeded with the help of MyPerfectice. I had to take time out from my studies in my second year when I was only halfway through because it became clear that without any kind of internship or experience on my resume, there would be no chance of getting hired as an entry-level programmer. MyPerfectice led towards a safer path where I had Cognitive skills to enhance and be a pro at coding. I created my own Smart Resume with the help of my supervisor, who taught me different skills to improve in a short period of time.

I studied and prepared in an organized manner, which led to my success. I analyzed metrics like class performance, individual student progress, strengths, and weaknesses in the platform that helped shape how I prepped for mistakes while learning new things through the discussion forum. With Facebook-esque features on the website, such as motivational quotes or discussions among peers, it was easy for me to become more confident after this experience.

The packages present in the MyPerfectice platform, especially the cognitive game and N2N coding, were really helpful. This platform is so well-equipped with a myriad of gamification modules – from basic to advanced, that with little effort and consistent practice you can ace your game in no time. MyPerfectice helped me a lot in building my knowledge and skills for the campus placements. Tests were conducted regularly to improve our skills, and many e-learning sources were provided to guide us. Levels were implemented from easy to complex, and our General Aptitude and Verbal were also trained very well. Coding questions also helped me a lot in improving my concepts. I am very grateful to be a part of MyPerfectice.

There’s a note I’d like to share with my juniors who will or might join MyPerfectice someday. Please put in the effort and work harder to achieve your goals. Never give up. Enjoy your Hostel life but remember to keep hustling for your dreams. Have a learning attitude. MyPerfectice is a wonderful platform for students to improve their skills.

By Sainphyrnai Marbaniang, a CSE student at North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology.