This is a story of an ordinary student who did the extraordinary

This is a story of an ordinary student who did the extraordinary. Aiswariya Tripathy is an Electronics and Instrumental engineering student at KIIT University, with dreams big enough to rival her ambitions in one of the world’s leading companies, HSBC Technologies & Tech Mahindra, within a year of her MyPerfectice program commencement.

Let’s hear what she has to say about not only how it shaped her as a person but also helped her get placed into this venture: The platform helped me improve my aptitude and technical skills and comprehensive knowledge of verbal and reasoning.

The Skill Enhancement is divided into three modules:

Core Engineering: This module is designed and customized for any Core Engineering student looking for a career in technology. It has 500+ questions based on multiple topics; there are five levels to complete where students can experience modern pedagogy.

Cognitive: This product provides high-end content in quant-verbal-logical reasoning, based on long-term research on industry interview questions.

Novice to Ninja: N2N aims to code aspirants to reach the advanced level of programming. Looking at the curriculum, it is well understood that a lot of focus has been put on data structures and algorithms, which happens to be every interviewer’s favorite topic.

MyPerfectice helped me a big-time as it was conducive, and the questions were of different types, so gaining knowledge from the attempts was great. It’s filled with competitiveness, which is the best part I liked. Regular attempts serve to be more critical as the questions are ample, and the types vary accordingly. It provided me with the questions I needed for my desired company placement activities. I am from the Electronics & Instrumentation branch, so the most complex challenge I faced in campus activities was the coding round. The perfectice platform boosted my coding skills and conceptual knowledge regarding coding languages. Every individual has their own strengths and weakness regarding academics. Some portions they are really confident in, and some they lack understanding. So improving in every field is necessary for achieving our goals. My Perfectice serves the best fit platform in providing questions from each section way it is domain, English, Technical, or Aptitude. 

Success for me was hard work and having faith in myself. Constant practice and learning helped me reach this platform today. I’m grateful for this practice platform as it encouraged me to learn more, and regular practice sessions really helped me do the work comparatively and more swiftly. Having patience and constant dedication towards the respective goal boosted me with positivity every single day passing by. I kept on practicing without thinking about the consequences that I would face. Initially, I met a lot of rejections from many companies and faced a tough time with interviews. Slowly I took my rejections as a positive challenge and learned new things that I didn’t have any knowledge of at all. Every interview I faced improved my speaking skills and reduced my fear of dealing with instant situations. I combated all my fears and grasped new knowledge leading to a better path today. I thank all my TnP Coordinators & Teachers who supported me with special classes before the placement drive.

There’s one piece of advice to my juniors out there. I wish all of you a bit of very good luck with your placement activities. I would like to mention that you’re supposed to listen to the TnP members’ work and study as they as you to. Practice in your platform to understand tricky questions on API and code.

Thanks to this platform behind my successful placement. I’ll always be grateful.


By Aiswariya Tripathy, an EIE student at KIIT University.