This student pointed out something so complex yet beautiful “never feel underprepared or underestimate yourself because you are anxious.”

This is Katha Roy, an IT student who graduated from Gurunanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata, and got placed at Capgemini, IBM, TCS. Let’s hear this beautiful story.

Myperfectice helped me in my placement journey by providing loads of resources and quizzes to solve. My aptitude aspect was weak. Myperfectice helped me sharpen my aptitude skills; hence, I could end this journey with three offers. I found the analytics dashboard very useful as the insights helped me know where I need to improve in accuracy and speed. At the same time, different tests segregated into various difficulty levels for every topic can help students decide which tests are to be practiced repeatedly as per their standard. So if a student practices the test, they can become aware of the topics they need to brush up on more and improve upon their loopholes.

I practiced the resources and the quizzes provided to us by our college through the Myperfectice platform. Besides, I kept checking the latest syllabus updates for these companies’ recruitment exams since the pattern might change every time. So knowing the pattern and the syllabus beforehand could reduce half of the stress and anxiety of placement season.

Never feel underprepared or underestimate yourself because you are anxious and others are not. Being stressed is fine. It shows you have given your best. So give your best in the prep and do your best. The rest of the things, like the result and the outcome, is not in your hands. If you fail for the first time, your hard work is the only thing in your control. So why worry and get disappointed? Instead, prepare well. Be it your first or later chances.

Katha Roy, an IT student at Gurunanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata