My Placement

Our flagship product is built from scratch for engineering institutes with one objective – make students successful. Whether it is campus job or higher education, we enable students and teachers to be successful by capturing, measuring and analyzing right data.


Develop and Enhance Skills

One time or quarterly assessment only tells you part of the problem. We are part of the solution in which we use continuous assessment and wholistic approach and focus on fundamentals. Moreover, we align well with industry and elevate student’s non..


Placement Quality and Quantity

Our goal is to improve not only number of students employed but also the quality of job/package they receive. We help institutes on conversion ratio (number of students who took part in the campus test vs number of student selected). We classify and ..


Opportunities other than Job Placement

Job placement is market driven and is heavily dependent on supply and demand. We focus on competitive examination preparation including higher education (GATE, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc.) so that interested students can be nurtured while they are in campus...


Detection of Skill Gap & Remediation

Our approach is similar to what medicine industry has been doing for ages (identify problem, prescribe medicine and regularly measure effectiveness of medicine). By using artificial intelligence/algorithms, we find knowledge gaps, identify shorted di..


Take Right Decision

MyPerfectice uses data, analytics and insight to help institute administrators make key decisions and take corrective actions ahead of the game, be it campus recruitment or accreditation. You reduce the lead time – by early detection of issues, rem..


All Under One Umbrella

“Continuous” doesn’t apply only assessment but also on content. In order to prepare students, our industry experts prepare well-researched content (tests, company specific tests, study notes, videos). Our platform is equipped with different typ..


Engineering Students are at the core of platform. We not only assess but also are part of the journey to accomplish the mission. Whether it is about finding a campus job or preparing for higher education, we enable you for success.

Digitally Optimized

Our platform is optimized to save your data, be it on slow or fast internet. You can download a test, practice without internet and sync result when internet is available. You measure and improve since day one of use...

Success Oriented

MyPerfectice doesn’t limit you to campus jobs. You can utilize this platform to prepare for higher education including but not limited to competitive examinations, GRE, GMAT, GATE, CAT etc. We have built dedicated product called SmartGATE for you t..

Industry Tailored Guidance

Learn from industry experts who are mentors on our platform (many of them are your college alumni). Take timely suggestions, join webinars and learn from their experiences. It is a virtual, ongoing, unstructured learning under a supervised guidance t..


Teachers are our partners with a common mission to help student learn, grow and achieve individual’s goal. We enable teachers by providing them right tools and data. We make teacher a career coach.

Scale Your Assessment

Be it a small group of students or a large classroom, you are always in control. You can conduct test in your computer lab (proctored) or assign homework for practice. You can create new classrooms of selected students...

Collaborate Effectively

Be part of the solution and stay engaged with your students after classroom. Using our social learning discussion feature, you ask questions, post answers and monitor student's behavior post classroom to know about them. Make important announcements,..


Fulfill your mission of creating well rounded students, motivated teacher and engaging campus by acquiring right tools and capturing right data. MyPlacement helps your make decisions faster, take corrective action before issues happen and achieve your goals.

Support Accreditation

Legal accreditation requires you to conduct, capture and report student data electronically. Our ready-to-integrate infrastructure enables you to acquire and relay student data instantly, thus saving you significant cost and time...

Integrate with IT Systems

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure including APIs enable integration seamless with external systems such as ERP, Payroll, Attendance etc. You can electronically send data from our platform to external systems or import new data set for holistic anal..

Engaged Campus

We make your campus social. It is like your own LinkedIn or Facebook in which students, teachers and other staff members discuss jobs, campus life, news, announcements, blogs. We make campus fun to live and enjoy...

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