1. Can I share my Perfectice account with my friend?

Answer: No, But you can invite them to join Perfectice to create their own account.

2. How can I notify Perfectice in case of any system malfunctions?

Answer: Please notify us on

3. If I have a question whom should I contact?

Answer: You can contact Perfectice by sending a message in the chat window or by Email

4. Which internet browsers support Perfectice which browser should I use for best results?

Answer: All internet browsers support Perfectice. Chrome and Firefox are the browsers for best results.

5. Can I use Perfectice without internet connection?

Answer: Yes, you can use Perfectice app without internet connection.

6. How do I register to Perfectice?

Answer:  Go to to register at Perfectice.

7. For how long would my subscription be valid?

Answer: Lifelong

8. If I select a particular exam during registration can I take other exams while practicing test?

Answer: No

9. I forgot my password what should I do?

Answer: Click “Forgot Password” link shown on homepage. You will receive an email from Perfectice. You can reset your password by following the instructions given in the mail.

10. Can I use Perfectice outside India?

Answer: Yes.

11. How many languages are content on Perfectice available in?

Answer: Presently Perfectice is primarily available in English.