1. Can I take a test without buying a test?

Answer: Yes, there are tests available for free.

2. How do I know which is a right Test for me?

Answer: Perfectice ONLY shows test which are relevant to the students as per their examination (Grade) selection, at the time of registration.

3. What is my next step after I register to Perfectice?

Answer: After registration…

Students – Should be able to review the list of available test, take the test and build dashboard (review analytics). Students can also add parents/teachers/sibling/friend as mentor to help them in examination preparation journey. Also students should be able to share his/her score on social sites (Facebook or G+) and invite their friends to join Perfectice.

Teachers – Should be able to create or upload questions in the form of Test(s) and share that with the world, free or with a group of students in a private mode. Assign the test and see the result of individual student. Create classroom and manage students.

Parents – Review their wards performance.

Publisher – Publish your content, practice tests.

4. What is ‘Dashboard’?

Answer: ‘Dashboard’ is a consolidated view of student activities on the platform. It shows how a student has spent time, Effort Distribution, practicing the tests. A student can also review areas of strength and weakness by accuracy and speed in the Dashboard.

5. What is ‘Platform in numbers’?

Answer: ‘Platform in numbers’ shows the vital statistics of Perfectice platform.

6. How important is the Practice effort distribution?

Answer:  Practice effort distribution gives a guidance on how a students has spent his/her time on Perfectice platform while taking the tests. A higher percentage tells that more questions were attempted from that subject or topic. This guides and helps the students in time management and selection of tests. What is strength weakness analysis according to Accuracy and Speed?

Strength weakness analysis represents the relative ranking of subjects/topics on accuracy and speed level respectively. This identify the area (subject/topic) where a student is performing very well and areas where he/she needs attention

7. Will there be errors in questions?

Answer: Yes, there is a possibility of errors. Please send us an email,, if you see one. We will make the correction.

8. Can I stop a test in between and resume it later?

Answer: No, Test cannot be stopped anytime in between and resumed later just like in a real life exam!

9. What is the significance of timing each question?

Answer: The amount of time spent on each question adds up to become the amount of time spent solving an exam. If the time spent on each question can be optimized, it automatically has a positive impact on your overall attempt during the exam.

10. Can I mark multiple answers option in a test?

Answer: Yes you can mark multiple answers option in the test, if it is allowed i.e. if the question and answer is set like wise.

11. What is the ‘Mark for Review’ button? How does it help me during test?

Answer: Anytime in between test if you click Review button it shows all the Questions which you have clicked as ‘Mark for Review’, it helps to review again if you have doubt on those questions during the test.

12. What happens when my system crashes in between a test?

Answer: The test will abandon. The test will not be counted in your dashboard. You will have to take the test again to see the performance and to be included in the dashboard.

13. Can I pause the timer while taking a test?

Answer: No, the timer cannot be paused. Just like in a real life exam!

14. Why do I have to leave feedback after every test?

Answer: The feedback you are providing will help the publisher to further improve the quality of the questions/tests. Also this feedback helps other students to better understand the test – they can review the feedback before they take the test.

15. What happens if I abandon the test in the middle?

Answer: The test will be considered abandon. You will not be able to see the test performance. Also the abandoned attempts are not considered in the dashboard.

16. How can I skip a questions while taking the test on the platform?

Answer: Click the Next Button

17. What happens if I skip a question can I revisit it?

Answer: Yes, Click the Previous Button or you can check the Mark for review to see the list of questions skipped or marked for review.

18. How do I see my score?

Answer: You can view your score as soon as you finish your test, after feedback. Or you can go to Attempt and select the required attempt to view your score.

19. What information is captured in accuracy graph?

Answer: Accuracy graph denotes how many questions I got right as a percentage of the total number of questions attempted till date for both overall as well as across subjects/topics.

20. What information is captured in Speed graph?

Answer: Speed graph shows the number of questions I attempted within the ideal time to solve as a percentage of the total number of questions attempted

21. How do I read the Accuracy trend vs Speed trend graph?

Answer: Accuracy Trend shows how your accuracy has changed with over a period of time for each subject/topic. Speed trend shows how your speed has changed over a period of time for each subject/topic.

22. How does Accuracy analysis and Speed analysis help me?

Answer: These analysis help you identify your areas of strength and weakness on accuracy and speed level.

23. How does Accuracy rank determine my position in the practice test?

Answer: Accuracy rank showcases students behind you and ahead of you. It shows where are you standing in that particular test. This is the measurement of percentile.

24. Can I invite friends who are on Facebook but not on Perfectice to take practice test?

Answer: Yes. You can invite friends on Facebook who are not on Perfectice to take Practice test. However, they would need to sign-up with Perfectice.

25. What is the heart icon represent beside the test?

Answer: It represents your favorite practice test if it is selected. You can click the heart button to add a test in your favorite list. You can sort the list by favorite.

26. What is ‘Mentors’?

Answer: ‘Mentors’ are users who are your mentor and can guide you through this journey. They have been given access to student’s performance dashboard. Mentors can’t navigate to details your test attempt or review each questions of an attempt.

27. How do I add Mentors?

Answer: Click Mentors in the Menu and add their email id. The mentor will need to accept you as mentee. So as soon as you add them as mentor, ask them to login to Perfectice to accept you as mentee or check their email.

28. Can I decide who can see my performance and who can’t?

Answer: Yes, you get to decide who can see your performance and who can’t.

29. Will my Mentors be able to see all my performance?

Answer Yes, Mentors will be able to see all the performance of a mentee. But they cannot navigate or review each questions of an attempt.

30. Who all can see my performance on Perfectice?

Answer: Teachers, if you are in their class or they have shared a test with you in an invitation mode. Mentors can see your performance on Perfectice.

31. Can I download practice test on my system?

Answer: No, you will not be able to download practice test on your system

32. What are the steps to change my password?

Answer: There is a menu option to change the password.

33. Can I share Perfectice on social media?

Answer: Yes, You can share on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

34. If I have any questions who do I contact?

Answer: You can contact Perfectice by sending a message in the chat window or by Email