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We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can learn and increase their knowledge and advance their career even during a global emergency of lockdown. Our platform not just focuses on going online. We have penetrated our research deep into recent learning problems caused by global quarantine and targeted specifically those areas to bring immediate solutions for students and teachers. As we enable the Whiteboard feature at our platform we are making sure that all colleges and universities can now curate a complete classroom environment. Its advanced features that formulated specifically for remote learning is open to all students around the world.

Students can now access the best learning experience from renowned mentors and top-instructors across the globe by ONE CLICK. Teachers can set-up an online classroom in less than a minute by registering on the platform.

Three easy steps to get started, in less than a minute

1.Teacher Sign-up

2.Create the Classroom

3.Share the Classroom Link (URL) with Students

You are live and ready to teach and learn

Whiteboard Platform Features

One Click login

Teachers can easily log into Whiteboard by registering themselves on the platform. Conduct numerous live seminars.

Classroom Attendance

Full-fledged functionalities of ever-existent classrooms to monitor students.

Group and Private Chat

This brings you both private and group chat features where students can connect with each other as well as with the teacher privately or in the group to ask questions or solve problems.


Teachers and mentors can share their screens with students for better understanding.


Whiteboard virtual lectures and discussions can be recorded that’s easily accessible anytime through mobile/web even offline.

Multiple Sessions

Whiteboard allows teachers to conduct concurrent classes at the same time.

Content Sharing

Students can share their notes with fellow friends, on Whiteboard, teachers can discuss and create personalized notes for learning.

One-on-one sessions

Mentors can conduct customized one-on-one sessions with mentees.

Whiteboard Tools

Tools to write, draw and annotate the presentation just like a blackboard

How Whiteboard Works

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By clicking on sign Up option
By clicking on create room, then writing the class name, with selecting few settings which are optional and can be choosed as required
By clicking on start button
By copying the link and sharing it via email ,whatsapp etc
By clicking the ‘mute users’ toggle
Only the hearing mode
Both listening and hearing mode
Public chat option
By clicking on share screen option at the bottom of the page, can choose Application only tab for better view point of your users
By clicking on the hand icon, and selecting the pencil or text tools
By clicking on save users name option that appears beside your name on the left hand panel, under the settings icon
By clicking on the ‘+’ sign at the botton and clicking on ‘upload presentation’
By clicking on right top most icon and selecting the ‘end meeting’ option
By clicking on the top ‘start recording’ option
By clickin on the name of classroom and scrolling down to ‘class recording’
You have change the visibily tab to ‘Public’, this way the users can come back to the same link and see the video there.
“It takes a little time for the server to compose the recorded the viode and upload it. You have to wait for an hour or so, and in the room recording session, the recordings will come live.”
Yes, you can use the tools section. There are many symbols like triangle, circle etc and alo a free hand pencil along with a text icon to write any text
Yes, you have two options, one can chat in public mode with all, or can also click on the name of the user and select Start a private chat with that particular user
You have to open your ppt in your own desktop/laptop and scroll in the ppt only after sharing the screen.