Corporate Sales Manager

Company Culture

We are fun loving, smart working and caring people – we care about each other, we care about our clients, we care about each and we embrace diversity – diversity of culture, expertise, values, talent and being different. These are the values we live by – every breath at a time…

Authenticity – To be genuine and vulnerable.

Simplicity – Distill to the meaningful and balanced.

Drive – Do what you love.

Adventure – Take risks and embrace where they take you.

Appreciation – Dwell on the good.


  • Excellent Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Good Interpersonal Skills for relationship management & Execution
  • Proven Leadership skills being in the position of team leader of an organization.
  • High cognitive ability, fluid intelligence and sound decision making
  • Go-getter with never say die attitude

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Define and build Perfectice Corporate vertical – problem definition and Perefctice solution
  • Build Go to Market strategy and action plan (Quarter over Quarter)
  • Individual contributor to acquire corporate clients
  • Hire Corporate Sales Managers
  • Provide training to Corporate Sales Manager to sell Perefctice solution
  • Manage team of sales professionals
  • Produce Quarterly and Yearly revenue forecast and financial plan (revenue and cost) for the corporate vertical
  • Produce and report weekly, monthly and quarterly report – performance report highlighting earned revenue against the goal.
  • Budget and track quota for Sales Managers, help them achieve the quota
  • Participate cross department collaboration and initiative