National Educational Alliance For Technology (NEAT)

A technical platform powered by the collaborative efforts of AICTE and Perfectice has made learning customised and personalised as per the needs of every student with the help of AI tools. It makes sure that students not only upskill their career path, but also succeed in bagging the best of the jobs and achieve their career goals.

With the help of NEAT, Perfectice aims to make youth of India highly Employable and get them settled in high-end brands with high paying packages. Perfectice platform offers one stop solution for complete learning requirement of students.

Skill Enhancement and Job Readiness Products

Career Path Navigator :It gives complete insight of students employability index & career inclination . It navigate the usersfrom campus to corporate by offering customized learning recommendations and guided path for success.

Employment Baseline

Cognitive Skill

Coding Skill

Core Domain Skill

Personality Assessment

Internship and Placement Assistance

Discussion Forum, Query Resolution and Webinar

Rewards and Awards with certification

Job Readiness (Company Specific Mock Tests)

Job Readiness program is aimed at providing company specific modules to students in COGNITIVE, CODING and CORE ENGINERING. Build with deep market research and employable skill mapping, the modules are designed to enable students for different screening rounds of campus drive like assessment , coding , Group Discussion & Interview preparations. More than 1000+ questions and 30+ companies to help not only get job but higher paid job.

Platform Features


The kickass way to analyse your imperfections and measure your perfections with our AI model of metric system.

Jump Start from Scratch

Bounce across different levels from beginner to an expert at Perfectice. Understand, learn and analyse every step like a pro.

Employability Index

Level up your employability game while checking your pace and performance. Get placed at your dream job through our advanced feature of skill mapping and improvising.


Improvise your skills and make it up to the list of top 10. Watch how toppers do and game up your techniques against them.

Mentor & Mentees

It’s the premium level of one-on-one session with your personal mentor with customised monitoring and performance enhancement at every inch.

Trivia Game

Participate in adaptive quiz sessions and engaging challenges with your college gang and even your virtual Perfectice buddies.

Get Social

Connect and communicate with qualified teachers and advisors on Whatsapp and personal chat columns.

Campus wingmen

Reach out, Connect and communicate with Perfectice campus wingmen at your own college campus to get support.

Smart Resume

Make your resume corporate ready and increase your chances to get hired by 33%.


A complete package of detailed information, case studies and examples from the entire journey of learning to earning. Don’t miss out the series of unique Perfectice blogs that adds on to your engagement process.

The All-rounder Customised Learning Package: Learn, understand and practice programming, cognitive, core engineering and verbal skills that are closely mapped and hand-picked across company specific standards. Prepare yourself for every exam: semester, campus placement or management with expert mentor guidance with Perfectice


Perfectice not only helps students get the job, but helps them get higher paying job. Perfectice has worked with 100k+ students across India with students of premier Engineering and MBA colleges in increasing the employability of students by more than 35%

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Product12:Career Path Navigator Product14:Job Readiness (Company Specific Mock and Preparation)