Program Highlights

We bring best of technology,analysis,teaching and mentoring to prepare you smartly.You reach your goal in shortest distance,time and money.

Anytime and Anywhere

Your preparation doesn't stop when you get out of the classroom. On your phone, you have access to tests, notes, videos and forums to ask. This way, you learn on your pace while we monitor and guide you...

Continuous assessment and Learning

Improve the area of weakness..

Most Economical

You save money compared to expensive GATE coaching institutes but it is not only about money. You save time because you prepare while you are in the campus. We come to you...

Digital and Classroom Coaching

Best of both world..

Personalized Coaching

One student at a time..

Data. Insight. Analytics


Prepare for Success

SmartGATE is a GATE preparation program by MyPerfectice – build on the innovative approach using technology from USA and winning strategy from India. It offers success to student’s preparation for GATE exam. MyPerfectice uses its proprietary (patent pending) algorithm of continuous measurement and learning to guarantee the success.

  • 3000+ Questions and Solution for each of the branch
  • Guaranteed Personalized Learning and mentoring
  • Reference Study capsules, eBooks and videos
  • All India Mock Test Series
  • Classroom and faculties for teaching and guidance
  • Practice anytime & anywhere – utilize your time smartly
  • Collaborate with your peers – discussion and forums

How It Works

SmartGATE is full optimized to save everyone’s time and money. The cycle of progression continues till you succeed. You will have a mentor to guide you throughout your preparation.


Money matters. Using our algorithms, we have optimized resources and kept cost low so that you don’t burn your pockets. Our cost is highly competitive compared to what you would spend outside, not to mention time and energy.

INR 18,000

8 Months (2020 Batch)

INR 30,000

16 Months (2021 Batch)

INR 35,000

22 Months (2022 Batch)

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